About Us

International Tire Centre is a family business, dedicated to good service, that has been helping people drive safely in Qatar for more than 50 years.The company began in 1959 and has expanded into a chain of 12 retail tire service outlets operating under the brand name of Q-Tire. And we are still growing...

To be a leading tire distributor and tire service retailer throughout Qatar and, in the future, the whole Gulf region.

To provide our customers with a remarkable tire service through continuous innovation, quality products and excellent service which exceeds expectations.

The ability to listen to our clients’ needs and deliver tailor-made solutions. Transparency in all our business dealings as part of our ethics and code of practice. Inspirational team values which contribute to the reputation of the company.

Q-Tire offers complete wheel and battery solutions to individual and business customers (including fleet operators and car rental companies), as well as service contracts and tire management programmes.

Our People

We have over 100 employees, many of whom have served the company many years. We believe in our employees’ capabilities and we guarantee growth and development through training for everyone.
We trust our staff to make the right decisions based on good training, understanding of the tire business and the ability to make the best use of the equipment. In addition to this, they adhere to the principles of integrity, honesty, ethics and professionalism.
Our commitment to a clean environment in the workshops has inspired us to practise the 5S System which is monitored by our audit committee on a monthly basis. Each of our outlets are rewarded for their adherence to maintaining the standards set.
We are proud that we are the first tire chain to have TIA (Tire Industry Association) Certified Technicians working at our outlets and we strictly follow our Standard Operating Procedures which enable us to provide an identic